Posts published on March 2017

Introducing Pirnar

Pirnar Doors

No other entrance is trimmed with such innovative forms. They seize the attention with their different surface levels as well as with their astonishingly clean and perfect smoothness. Every handle is a masterpiece of its own, at night arousing more sighs of admiration as it lights up.

The fourfold glazing offers the possibility for endless play with patterns and textures.

Pirnar Entry Doors

An Entrance that Exudes Self-Confidence

Entry Doors with Biometric Security
14 Centimeter thick door panels give the feeling of castle-like protection.

An Entrance for Comfort

Comfort is to forget about the annoying care for the house keys. You take care of the safety of your home with a single touch of your fingerprint. Comfort is warmth of your home. The best-isolated aluminium door looks after you, even in a most severe winter you feel cosy as if your loved one embraces you. Comfort is a friendly and discrete lighting of the entrance where it is most needed. At night, it is easy to spot a doorstep, hold a handle, or see where to put your finger to unlock the door.