JELD-WEN Windows and Doors

Introducing JELD-WEN EpicVue­™

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors

Contemporary Clad-Wood Windows and Patio Doors

Now available through Prince Window & Door, these clad-wood windows open myriad design opportunities by pairing the latest in technology and durability with highly popular contemporary style concepts and customization options.

Clean lines, square interior detailing and a sleek profile enhance the minimalist, contemporary feel of any living space. This design technique leaves more of the glass exposed. The windows’ robust aluminum-extruded sash — which provides rigid strength and stability — helps support the pane, which means more expansive openings and breathtaking views.

Custom Wood Windows - Epic Vue

Sleek, Squared, Slim

EpicVue is built on a philosophy of grand simplicity. Size, while impressive, is but a small aspect of this striking line. Rather, is it through sleek profiles, bold lines and uninterriped expanses of glass that these seemingly impossible windows are brought to life.

EpicVue Patio Doors

Option Rich

EpicVue offers multiple wood species from which to choose, 42 standard colors and even custom colors to match your home. The result is individuality, never complexity.


AuraLast Wood, Wood without the Rot

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors

AuraLast Wood, featured on all of JELD-WEN’s Siteline windows and patio doors, is the wood that does not rot. The only in the industry. Some new features of the JELD-WEN Siteline include:

  • Wood jambliner covers, making the new Siteline a true historical spec window;
  • Extruded Sash – no more exterior glazing bead;
  • LO E 366 standard.

AuraLast Wood is 100% Real Wood with 100% Real Protection. Click here to Learn More about the Siteline Collection